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An innovative, entrepreneurial stylist with over 20 years in the industry, Eyerusalem is known for her classic, elegant haircuts, highlights and color. Incredibly versatile, she cuts across the full texture spectrum from curly to straight. She also styles a good portion of male clients in addition to her large female base.


Recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area after running her own salon in Minneapolis, Eyerusalem brings high end professional services to you with a mobile hair stylist service to fit your schedule. With a broad range of experience including New York Fashion week in 2014, Eyerusalem can style your hair for special events such as weddings or modeling or give you a professional style for everyday.

Eyerusalem creates a cut that flatters the shape of her client’s face while colorists blend a palette that compliments skin tone or brightens existing color. Clients are educated in the tools and techniques so they can maintain their look between visits. At the heart of Eyerusalem’s artistic approach is a consultation to determine how big of a change a client is willing to make given their current self-perception, physical attributes, and lifestyle. With a history of thousands of transformations of men and women throughout the world, Eyerusalem’s methods are proven and timeless.


“I focus on the complete picture when I determine the best look for a client, taking into account individual personality, style and lifestyle,” says Eyerusalem. “Each quality should be synergistic to create a unique portrait of personal greatness. That’s total beauty.”

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